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Brokerage company gets license for controversial map patent

Lawsuits still pending

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Real Estate Alliance Ltd. has issued another license for a patent the company holds for using a computer mapping system to locate available real estate properties for sale. The move is the latest news in the patent holder's initiative to enforce its patent in the real estate industry. Real Estate Alliance Ltd., or REAL for short, caught the industry's attention last year when it sued a Philadelphia Realtor, claiming the agent was infringing the patent on her Web site. An attorney for REAL has said that real estate agents throughout the country may be infringing the patent and subject to legal action. National real estate franchise company Envirian LLC announced it has obtained a license from REAL for its patented REAL989 map search functionality for use on Envirian's national and franchise Web sites. The agreement grants Reston, Va.-based Envirian a master license as well as licenses for every broker and agent in the Envirian franchise family, which includes operations in Arizona, Cali...