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The world is your map

Part 1: Real estate 2.0: Giddy with innovation

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Editor's note: The housing market is slowing, but it hasn't stopped innovators from debuting new technology and communication systems of use to the real estate industry. The Web 2.0 boom is rearing its head and providing new ways for the industry to communicate with clients and market home listings. In this three-part report, Inman News gives an update on some of the hottest technologies in real estate: mapping, video and blogging. (Read Part 2 and Part 3.) Some stories are dark, like the ones told by Paige, the "Hopeless Romantic," who charts out her adventures and mishaps in romance on a custom map, or there's the "Where I was When 9/11 Happened" map. Others are a little more uplifting, like the ones told through maps of people's weddings and places to propose marriage. Most of the user-made maps on a new site called Platial are more utilitarian like the one for yoga studios in Los Angeles. Platial, which coins itself "The People's Atlas," launched in December to enable users ...