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New book chronicles first years in real estate

Diary of a real estate rookie

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It felt like the closing to end all closings: my first book came out this week. I started working as a reporter when I was in my 20s. More properly, I started working as a fact-checker: other people would write the articles, and I would call the sources who had been quoted and make sure there weren't any screw-ups. Since I was working at Fortune, I didn't have to make any calls of the stereotypical "so what color was the corpse's underwear?" variety. Instead I talked to PR people and powerful people, including Lou Gerstner (then running IBM), Henry Kissinger (the toughest to get hold of), and Donald Trump (pre-The Apprentice, he was beloved by reporters for answering his own phone). But I always wanted to write "creative" stuff, and I worked on humor and essays on the side. Buried in my files I have dozens of notebooks full of good lines, three failed book proposals, and a very nice rejection letter from Saturday Night Live. So of course I got the offer for this book 16...