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When buyers who backed out return

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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For those of you who don't read this column every week -- really, how hard is it? It runs on Fridays! Sorry; what I meant to say was, for those of you who don't read this column every week, it is the story of my adventures in real estate. And one of the long-term themes is both how starting a business is much more rewarding than I ever imagined, and yet much harder. My first year out -- in New Jersey -- was an absolute disaster. I responded to this by coming back to New York, where I live, and starting over. Things were better immediately. And there was a point where it looked like "better" would translate to "fantastic." People in New York knew me from my previous career, and it was much easier to get referrals. I spent a few months of my first year in New York working with two of those referral clients. They were nice, and I liked their taste in apartments. I especially liked the part where they were willing to spend more than $4 million. We found a place we liked...