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Future-Proof: Navigate Threats, Seize Opportunities at ICNY 2018 | Jan 22-26 at the Marriott Marquis, Times Square, New York

Barry Bonds was indicted today -- probably yesterday by the time you read this. The superstar slugger was charged with perjury, because he told a federal grand jury that he didn't knowingly take steroids -- and there's evidence to the contrary, like doping calendars setting out a regime of drug use. Now, he might be innocent. It's still America, and he hasn't been proven guilty. But it looks bad. And in a world where you want people to believe that you don't use drugs, you might not want to have schedules for taking those drugs lying around. Similarly, the 1 million-plus National Association of Realtors might not have had anything to do with the nation's current subprime crisis and the busted housing bubble. The NAR (of which I am a proud member) might be an association of sober-minded individuals, who enjoy the service job of matching customers with homes. But honestly, guys, choosing to have the national convention in Vegas was probably not the best choice. I know ...