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Thankful in real estate

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I was on a chat board where I sometimes pick up clients and I will tell you what the chat is about around the holidays: nobody knows how to cook, and everybody hates their mother-in-law. So first, I am very thankful that we are alive to see this holiday. It was only a half-a-dozen years ago that buildings were tumbling down and that was in question. Second, I am grateful that I know how to cook. I never took a formal cooking class, but I bought cookbooks and watched friends who were good in the kitchen, and collected recipes. It's not unlike brokerage, where expertise accumulates over time. You meet someone who is good at it, and you can model your behavior on theirs, just a little bit. Watching what an expert can do with a bad layout is not unlike watching what a country cook can do with extra zucchini – there's always one more trick that you can pick up. Third, I am so grateful for my mother-in-law! I love her. For one thing, I have made a Thanksgiving meal or two in my day, a...