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What I did on my winter vacation

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First, let me announce that my BlackBerry did not work for seven days, and I did not die. OK, I had Wi-Fi. But in general, I told all my clients I was toddling off, and I toddled off, and I think if anything I got some respect for vacationing. Did it make me seem wealthy or enviable? I don't know. But I do know the world did not end. Second, I read books. I took a Fair Housing seminar once with a very accomplished Realtor who said that he always tried to read widely because it gave him something to talk to his clients about. I think that is what movies are for, which gives me an excuse to go to movies during the year, but it was nice to fill the conversational part of my brain up with other things as well. I highly recommend Ann Patchett's "Run" -- especially to anyone who has a love for Boston, where the story is set -- and Daniel McGinn's "House Lust,"which is a fascinating book about America's obsession with ever-bigger, newer and fancier homes. Third, I exercised ev...