Renters: Are you prepared for an emergency?

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Before calamity strikes, do you know where the gas shutoff valve is? Are you in the dark when you need to locate your breaker box or even the fire extinguisher? As a tenant, you often don't have any idea where various shutoff equipment is located, and you may not have the tools to do the job. Knowing how and where to shut off water, gas and electricity are basic abilities every tenant should possess. That problem can be handily solved by making a checklist and requesting the landlord provide shutoff information. In addition, know where to call in case of an electrical outage, gas leak, fire or other natural disaster, both to report and get updates. Most utility companies' phone numbers are found on the utility bill itself. What's first on the safety to-do list? Fire safety -- which starts with prevention. Functioning smoke alarms in at least every bedroom and hallways are a must and are usually required by code. Checking smoke alarms is easy and should be done monthly. Use...