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Flashy extras: silly or saleable?

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I just had a client go to contract on a new, and very nice, apartment. The location is great, the finishes are great, and the reputation of the builder is great, making it likely that the home that gets delivered is the same as the home that was promised -- a bit of a rarity these days. Also, there's a television embedded in the bathroom mirror. My client thinks that's a little silly -- it is a little silly -- but it was a signature touch by the developers to show off how "fresh" the building is. It certainly is a conversation starter. I remember when I was at my college reunion, just eight months ago, and my friends who were staying at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, which has the same feature, were chatting about how wowed they were by the TV-in-the-mirror technology. But that doesn't mean that everything that comes out of a cutting-edge hotel is good. I went on a home visit the other day -- not quite a listing pitch, but more of a get-to-know-you meeting -- and the ...