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Secrets to showing: It’s OK to talk to agent

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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I have a new listing on the market and it's generating a lot of excitement -- a few dozen visitors in the first week and a half it's been listed. As a result, I have not only seen clients in various shapes and sizes, I have also seen just about every style of buyer's broker imaginable. In a world where the listing is in play (and people don't necessarily know that they're going to be written about) I don't want to be too specific, but here are some composite impressions that might be helpful to buyers and buyer's brokers everywhere. It's OK to talk to me. There seems to be a type of buyer who plays his or her cards close to the vest by adopting a stern, impassive expression, making the circuit through the apartment, and saying nothing. You know what? There are other things I can use to gauge a buyer's level of interest, like the length of time she spends in the property. If a buyer doesn't say one word but spends twice as long at the open house as every other visitor does...