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Sting, Bono and building a brand

The Davison Files

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Sting. Dylan. Neil Young. Bono. Jagger. Good singers. But what really sets them apart is their unique vocal quality. Before their lyrics penetrate you, before their melodies mesmerize you, the sounds of their voices draw you in. It sets them apart from everyone else. It's their differentiator. Their brand. Your first brand touch point Your voice is your brand. It needs a unique sound. Especially today where it's first "heard" -- online, in the written form. Your voice appears like notes on a piece of sheet music. On your Web site. Your blog. Seeping out through every comment you leave, every Twitter update, text and instant message. It is the very first touch point of our brand. Despite the fact that it's inaudible, you're Internet voice can speak volumes about who you are, what you think and what you stand for. The more we resort to self-publishing tools that act as loudspeakers for our collective voices the more our individuality -- our timbre, our unique ...