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Work less, ‘Excel’ more

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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It's summer, and I'm a little bored, and frankly a little depressed because I had surgery just two weeks ago. I have two accepted offers and no contracts, and frankly no desire to work at all. I could shepherd those two offers into contract and call that a month's work if I'm not careful. So I was casting about for something to do, and I remember something I heard once (OK, many times) at Inman Connect. It was that as agents, we need to measure our business. Now the people in my firm who are real estate naturals -- those born salesmen who take an hour of downtime as a wonderful excuse to bleach their teeth -- don't need metrics. They love meeting people, and they meet lots of them and get lots of leads, and how often they get leads and what percentage they close doesn't really matter, because they close enough. If they measure anything it's income, and that's fine. But what about the rest of us, those of us who enjoy real estate careers, but still find them "wor...