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Solve CRM issue, make a fortune

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The following is a roundup of real estate-related blog posts from around the Web: Database tower of Babel If the databases Roberta Murphy uses to gather the names, addresses and property preferences of her clients could talk to each other, "I could be the supreme Yentl of real estate in Southern California -- or the whole world," she says in Luxury Home Digest. Like Pat Kitano, who recently complained that customer relationship management (CRM) systems can't port in contact info from social media sources such as LinkedIn and Facebook, Murphy says the only way to move data from the many databases she's used over the year, such as Top Producer, to her new 1ParkPlace account, is "one by one, keystroke by keystroke." Murphy sees an opportunity for someone to make "a modest royal ransom" by solving the problem. "If software could be written that would encompass not only basic information, but also our real estate client's search parameter...