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Finding lemonade in sour market

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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What did I do this week? I pounded on my computer until it produced the perfect property for one buyer, who loved it but announced that his job situation is still too iffy for him to want to buy anything right now. But I loved the apartment -- expensive kitchen, outdoor space, and the kind of cute little building where a celebrity cook with a name that rhymes with Machael May might hang out. So I dangled it in front of another client, who it would be perfect for. She didn't e-mail me back. With an accepted offer on a property I'm selling, I tried like holy heck to get from offer to contract. As you readers know, in the current market this never happens. Hubby and I are selling our beach house at a low, low price, and we are working accepted offer number three -- while at the property I am agenting, I am dealing with accepted offer number two. I feel like I have been engaged more times than Paris Hilton. So, anyway, in an attempt to move to the altar, I talked to my favo...