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Changing the industry: 5 ideas at a time

Panelists to discuss new real estate technology

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Representatives of five startup technology companies will take the stage at the Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco in July to share their ideas and innovations. The participants in the "Five New Ideas that are Going to Change Real Estate" panel, chosen based on the potential for their technologies to enhance the industry, include CyberCity3D CEO Kevin DeVito, Mixpo CEO Anupam Gupta, MyFrontSteps CEO Brendan King, Personive senior vice president Jack Horton; and RealSeekr CEO Grant Freer. Personive allows individuals to register at the site to protect their privacy and manage their online personas. The online service is based on technology that verifies the attributes of an audience, captures their interests and makes their profiles portable for use by other Web sites. Mixpo is an online video advertising platform designed for local, small and mid-sized advertisers, including real estate professionals., offers property search for consumers a...