Don’t risk your security deposit

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Q: I'm planning to move into a new place next week and the landlord is taking a hefty deposit. Any suggestions on getting it back when I move? A: Deposits are always a concern for renters, especially with higher rents raising the bar on deposits. To ensure that your monies are returned, it's important to know what to do before, during and at the close of the tenancy to safeguard your investment. First, know the condition and inventory of what you're renting. Before taking possession of the property, complete a walkthrough of the property preferably while still vacant. An excellent checklist is available free from the California Department of Consumer Affairs Web site; select "inventory checklist" from the menu. The site offers excellent advice and how-tos any renter can appreciate. When filling out the inventory checklist, you'll need more than a pen; bring along a clipboard, blank paper, ruler, tape measure and a camera to detail the items listed. Besides docume...