Ending the cycle of ‘Realtor-on-Realtor action’

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Jim Cronin, the owner of the Real Estate Tomato blog site, said there is a lot of "Realtor-on-Realtor action" going on in the industry blogosphere. And it's not what you may think. Cronin, who writes about real estate marketing, said that there is a high volume of comments at real estate agents' blog sites coming from other agents in the industry, and that's not necessarily a good thing. "It seems people leaving comments in most cases are Realtors from across the country patting you on the back," he said. There should be less of that inter-agent back-patting and banter -- and more engagement with real estate consumers: "Mr. and Mrs. Home buyer," according to Cronin. He spoke during a "Growing Pains: Take Your Blog to the Next Level" session during a blogging workshop Wednesday at the Real Estate Connect conference. Jeff Turner, president for Real Estate Shows, a company that allows agents to create property ads wit...