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5 steps to ‘Inbox Zero’

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SAN FRANCISCO -- You don't have to live in fear of your e-mail inbox or be a slave to it, says Merlin Mann, a writer and Web personality who spoke Thursday at the Real Estate Connect conference. Mann discussed his philosophy and strategies for quickly sorting through the many messages that can divide your time and attention if you're not careful -- he promotes this plan to get to "Inbox Zero" at his Web site. His presentation began with the disclosure of the sprawling e-mail address he obtained in 1993: In those days not many people were using e-mail and it wasn't hard to keep up with the flow of messages, he said. Nowadays, he said, the flow of messages can be overwhelming. And that holds true for real estate professionals, who can be in constant communication with clients and other business contacts via phone or e-mail. "There is a huge disparity in the number of requests that you will receive for your time and atte...