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SAN FRANCISCO -- When Janet Choynowski, founder and CEO of, was living in Warsaw, Poland, she was surrounded by people whose language she didn't understand. She found a small community of English-speakers and got her name out in the community's publication. That's how she got her start in the international real estate market. She eventually left Poland -- with millions -- in 2001 after selling her business, which had become the largest in the country. Choynowski, however, said she did not realize she was working in international real estate -- even though many clients were coming from the United States. To her, she was just making a living. Choynowski and several other panelists on Thursday shared their insight about international real estate during a session at the Real Estate Connect conference. "You need to know how you can help the buyer who has been thrown into your path by circumstance," said Choynowski. "You need to know how to get what th...