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An early au revoir for tenants

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I have a sales listing that, after a few months, has still not gone to contract. We have had offers at the right price that didn't get financing, and some lowball offers we didn't take. I am very interested in getting my seller his top price -- so frankly, I was looking forward to the renters moving out so I could show it empty. Wednesday: I call to see if I can show the unit the next day. "No," said the tenant. "We're going back to Europe. The movers will be here that day and the next. We'll be out Friday." Saturday: I showed the unit, and took the opportunity to make it look as respectable as I could, assuming there would be some showings before I had the chance to get a full-fledged cleaning crew in. I emptied the refrigerator (Did the renters really think that soy milk was going to walk itself to the trash?), borrowed a broom from the basement, and started to clean as best I could without a dustpan. I filled a giant trash bag with stuff that had been ...