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Know your real estate consumer

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There are 67 million people looking to buy, sell, rent or finance a home on the Internet, but real estate professionals who want to land their business should look at them as four distinct audience segments. That's the rather wonkish takeaway of a white paper commissioned by Yahoo Real Estate, "Embracing the Online Real Estate Market," which also offers loads of practical advice about marketing to each group. Whether they are the rarest breed -- "Passionates," who tend to be highly engaged real estate consumers who are also influential with their friends or families -- or the ubiquitous "Future Prospects" who are "just looking right now," it pays to know what type of information they consume and how to best reach them online, the study said. Yahoo Real Estate commissioned comScore to study "in-market real estate consumers," people who plan to rent, buy, sell or finance a property in the next six months or who use the Intern...