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Multiple offers, tech-savvy buyers and the ‘Red Carpet’

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Editor's note: Inman News is profiling agents at real estate companies to give readers a behind-the-scenes view of their jobs and their companies. SAN FRANCISCO -- It's 2 p.m. and Jim Holt is helping a colleague on a computer in Redfin's 10th-floor suite on California Street. The desks are pushed together into three long tables, each semi-separated with partitions, making it easy for the agents to communicate and get to know each other. Along the wall are three offices, one where the Northern California team lead, Ernesto Pineda, is holding a meeting. Redfin's San Francisco office is one of eight offices that the low-cost brokerage company operates. A sitting area of couches occupies the suite's entrance. Amid agents and engineers is Holt, one of the city location's nine agents. Holt says, "The office is relatively young and upbeat; it's really fun. People get along really well, there's a good dynamic, and everyone is very close to each other." Holt starts his ...