What happens when landlord sells my home?

Protocol for move-out notice, expenses depends on key factors

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Q: I have been living for the last 20 years in a month-to-month rental in a single-family residence. The landlord now is selling the property. What type of notice will I be given, 60- or 90-day? Does it go by the close of escrow? What if I stay? Also, is the landlord responsible for any cost in my moving expenses? A: The answers to your questions depend on the definition of your housing situation and locale. You first need to establish whether you are a bona fide tenant or just an individual renting a room in someone's house. Are you sharing the home with other renters? Is the house a duplex or sharing the lot with another residence? Definitions vary greatly and matter mainly because your situation and location may be protected by state laws or city regulations. Not sure where you stand? You'll need a reference guide or site to help you on the way. State law, which covers rental situations that are silent locally, can be found a variety of ways. In print, try "Every T...