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Video killed the business card

Top 10 ways to use video in real estate

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One of the most important trends over the next few years will be the "videoization" of the Web. Agents and brokers are already incorporating video into their Web sites. They are broadcasting their virtual tours on places like YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video. Here is a list of 10 smart ways to incorporate video in your business: 1. Live like a local Professionally produce a video about the specific geographical area(s) that you serve. In the video, act as a tour guide showing what makes your area unique. Avoid doing an infomercial about you. Your goal is to give viewers a sense of the local lifestyle. 2. Video testimonials This is one of the most important uses for video. Video testimonials increase your credibility. More importantly, they are an extremely powerful risk-management tool. If you are ever involved in litigation, there's nothing better than having the person who is suing you saying how wonderful you were in handling their transaction. 3. S...