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Rethink real estate search

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Real estate search's final hour … has not arrived. Not by a long shot. Here's why: Think about who actually engineered search for real estate. Programmers -- guys and gals with 180 IQs -- guided by folks who get their kicks from Excel. There is not enough input from the people who really matter: Brokers, agents, consumers. Everyone ought to stop for a second and ponder this: Humans don't search by ZIP code.Humans don't search homes from space. Or on maps filled with little blue markers. Human don't analyze comprehensive Census data that pop off listings like a Crayola box of colored graphs, charts and heat maps.Humans don't understand the difference between a "hybrid," "satellite" or "list" view.Humans don't sift through 12,000 listings that "match my criteria."Humans don't "save searches."Humans don't want to view only eight crappy pictures of a home.Humans don't want their search experience cluttered with advertising...