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Analyzing the real estate dream

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In the dream, I am showing a suburban house -- I am a city Realtor who shows apartments, so this was a good first cue that it was a dream -- and it is my first open house for the property. There are so many visitors that they form a tribe, and I am leading them through, tour-guide style. It is a three-story house, like the house I grew up in -- but it also has some features of the beloved beach house I am reluctantly selling, and in the dream the address is of an apartment that I just rented that was a quick, successful, well-paying deal. I am doing OK with the tribe, moving them from room to room, when one of the crowd challenges me. She is another Realtor, a top one, and she states loudly and forcefully that the house is overpriced; that I never should have let the owner list it at such a price; that I don't know what the hell I am doing; that this house shouldn't be my listing; and that she is going to bring the issue of my gross incompetence to the National Association ...