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Q&A: mastering referrals

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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Editor's note: This is part one of a two-part series that features an interview with real estate consultant Vicky Chrisner. Read Part 2. Real estate agents know that one key to success in the business is chasing referrals. What would happen if you decided to make that your primary focus? I checked in with Vicky Chrisner, a Keller Williams real estate consultant in Northern Virginia, who has done exactly that. ROOKIE: When did you get started in real estate? CHRISNER: I've worked in real estate only -- I had worked in development, and for a brokerage -- but just got my license in 2005. ROOKIE: What was your first referral transaction? CHRISNER: The majority of my transactions have been referrals, starting with my third. That was a referral from my father, a builder, who had been anxiously waiting for me to get my license so that he could send business my way. I made a conscious decision to market to referrals once I realized that that was where most of my business was coming...