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Say goodbye to paper documents

Essay: Digital tech will save trees in real estate deals

Editor's note: The following essay is a response by a real estate brokerage office owner to the question: "What technology trends will change the industry in the future?" Inman News posed this question and others as a part of the Inman News Roadmap to Recovery project. Click here to find out how you can participate. By KEVIN KRAVCAK In the near future, 100 percent of all documentation needed to purchase or sell a home will be filled out online using electronic-signature capabilities. Everything -- including your mortgage application, mortgage commitments, promissory notes, mortgages, deeds, title commitments, title insurance, agreements of sale, HUD-1 forms, etc., will be paperless. The demand for this will increase as the world goes "green" and consumers better understand how going paperless will help our environment and cut operational costs. It's comparable to clean energy, in the fact it is currently more expensive to initially implement but over the ...