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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 17-20, 2018

Louis Cammarosano, general manager of online real estate company HomeGain, formerly served as general counsel, senior vice president of corporate development and chief operating officer for that company. He will speak at the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference in New York City, which runs from Jan. 7-9, 2009. Cammarosano responded to a set of questions posed by Inman News: What do you see happening in the real estate market in 2009? The continuation of low interest rates, lower home prices, tighter credit and higher foreclosures for the first half of the year. Then, in the second half of the year, increased transaction volumes and stabilizing home prices as government initiatives and the free market kick in to allow buyers to start buying. What advice do you have to help real estate agents and brokers get through this market? Focus on what works and do more of it. Drop what doesn't. What made you join your current company? Brad Inman. I joined HomeGain after meeting...