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Real Estate Connect Speaker Profile: Yannick Laclau

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Yannick Laclau is founder and president of Enormo, an international real estate search site that was formerly known as Properazzi. The site offers information for about 6 million for-sale and for-rent properties in 50 nations. Laclau will speak during a "New Ways to Market Homes on the Web" session at the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference in New York City, which runs from Jan. 7-9, 2009. He responded to a set of questions posed by Inman News: What do you see happening in the real estate market in 2009? Everything that's happened in the U.S. over the past two years will begin or continue happening in the rest of the world. To counter this, agents will continue to make their marketing spend (however small) work harder by moving it to online channels. In Europe, the French domestic market will remain relatively stable. French banks have proven the most "realistic," and French households have the highest savings rates in Europe. What advice do you ...