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The lost listing

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"Hey, you remember that townhouse we pitched?" my co-worker yelled across the room. "Our big competitor's got the listing." Well, of course I remember that townhouse that we pitched, since it was the most expensive property that I'd ever pitched and my first team pitch as well. Plus, those of us who haven't remembered to follow Bernice Ross's advice to clean our desk to make room for new business easily found the file that had been sitting there since last May. "They didn't take that from us," I yelled back to my co-worker. "We gave it away." And I feel like we did. We gave a good pitch but a late follow-up, partly because some of the material that we should have had lying around as boilerplate (for example, an agency brochure) we didn't have lying around, and updating it takes time, and the three of us were busy. This pitch was in May, and the place was just listed a week ago. So maybe at the time the decision not to spend every minut...