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Gossip, news, opinion used to rank companies

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017 has launched an index that claims to measure the reputations of more than 5,800 companies by capturing "trends in gossip, news, opinion and personal insight about companies and brands" and converting them into a score.The index, called ReputationCheck, can be embedded into blog posts and Web site sidebars. The 240 companies currently listed in ReputationCheck's "construction and real estate, residential" category include Colorado Yurt Company and Although homebuilders are well represented on the site (or at least present in numbers), there's little in the way of real estate brokerages so far, with RE/MAX appearing to be the only broker listed. A Michigan-based multiple listing service, RealComp, is also being tracked by Bankrupt LandAmerica Financial Group is apparently the lone title insurer represented in the residential real estate category, and the many homebuilders tracked by ReputationCheck include DR Horton Inc., KB Home,...