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Commissions negotiable at Agent Invitation

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CORRECTION: This story has been updated with a correction. Consumers using the site do not initially propose the commission amount they are willing to pay. A new Web site aims to help consumers and real estate agents negotiate discounted commissions by allowing consumers to send anonymous queries to three agents asking them to propose the services they would provide and the commission they would charge.Agent Invitation claims agents using the site will be willing to work for reduced commissions because they will save on referral fees and marketing expenses, and because consumers seeking discounts may agree to forgo services like print advertising. "This eliminates part of an agent's costs because clients approach agents -- it goes right to their e-mail inbox for free -- and that savings can be passed to the consumer," said Agent Invitation founder Don Stewart. Agents often pay 25 to 35 percent of their commission to other agents or referral companies, the company says...