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The ‘Twittersphere’ on Realtors

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Once the playground of uber-geeks and the most technologically connected, Twitter has now gone mainstream. It seems like you can't go a day without hearing a celebrity or news organization or regular person reference their Twitter name. That wasn't the case just a few short years ago. As the popularity of Twitter has increased, so has the conversation around just about any topic you can possibly imagine -- everything from politics to sports; from the weather to what my cat ate; anything and everything -- including Realtors. Below is a search of Twitter posts, or "tweets," for the term "Realtor" (using the Twitter desktop application Tweetie for Mac). For those of you who think that Twitter is solely populated by ego-centric, attention-deprived quips about mundane details from pedestrian lives, you may want to check this out:  Nine of the 10 tweets pictured that reference the word "Realtor" are NOT from Realtors, but from the general public. Of t...