Inman News Product Review Rules

An explanation of review and ratings process

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Inman News has assembled several product review teams to offer numeric ratings for a range of real estate products, Web sites, online tools and services after a period of hands-on testing that spans at least seven days. The members of the review teams are active professionals working in the real estate industry. The members are unpaid, but they are compensated for charges related to the cost of the product or service during the course of the review period. Inman News selected review team members and review team leaders after calling for volunteers and reviewing the qualifications of prospective team members. Each team has three members, including a team leader who serves as a liaison with the Inman News editorial department. The team members are instructed not to have direct contact with the companies that offer the product or service that is under review. Team members are also instructed to report any potential conflict of interest, financial or otherwise, prior to particip...