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Product Review: T-reX Global tools

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Editor’s note: This product review focuses on offerings by T-reX Global, which offers online real estate investment tools. Click here for a description of the product rating and review process. Please send your feedback, and recommendations for products to review, to

Product: T-reX Global partner program and real estate investment software programs Simplify’em and Depreciate’em.

About: T-reX Global was created by Pankaj Shukla (chief executive officer) and Narinder Sandhu (president). They both worked in product strategy and development for Intuit, which created QuickBooks and Quicken financial tools. The company offers free software for real estate investors and a free partner program that allows real estate professionals to brand and promote the company’s applications to prospective investor clients.

Cost: The products reviewed are free, though the company also offers "premium" (paid) tools.

Review team: Deb Agliano (leader), Anita S. Crum, Janet Krauss.

Ratings: Ease 83, Value 87, Power 90.

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T-reX Global, which offers online applications for real estate investors and marketing tools for real estate professionals, scored an 83 or above in three ratings categories in a review by three real estate professionals.

The reviewers tested T-reX Global real estate investment online applications Simplify’em and Depreciate’em, as well as a partner program that allows real estate professionals to brand and market themselves around T-reX Global’s tools.

Simplify’em is property management software that helps investors identify tax write-offs and track income and expenses for investment properties. The program also features automated rent reminders and tools to manage tenant and lease information.

The free version allows users to manage data for four or fewer units while a paid, premium version allows users to enter an unlimited number of properties, attach any and all relevant scanned documents, and export income and expense transaction information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Depreciate’em allows users to calculate a tax break for wear and tear of investment properties, as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.

A team of three real estate professionals reviewed the T-reX’s software programs and the company’s partner program, which allows real estate professionals to place their branding and contact information around the T-reX software.

The rated the company’s tools in three categories: ease, value and power. Taking an average of the three reviewers’ ratings, T-reX tools scored highest (90 out of 100 possible) for "power," a measure of the level of innovation, advanced features, and effectiveness in replacing existing tools and methods.

Reviewers rated its "value" — usefulness for clients and themselves, and its cost vs. benefits — at 87, and its "ease," or ease of use, received a rating of 83.

Team leader Deb Agliano (aka DebOnTheWeb), who issued scores of 94 for value, 92 for power, and 90 for ease, commented that the software applications "are helpful for both agents and real estate investors." …CONTINUED