Review 1: T-reX Global tools

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Your name: Deb Agliano (team leader, aka DebOnTheWeb) Name of product: T-reX Global partner program, including evaluations of Simplify'em and Depreciate'em  1. Ease. Is it easy to use for real estate professionals? For real estate consumers? How steep is the learning curve? Both Simplify'em and Depreciate'em are very easy to use.  I was able to immediately use both programs. --Strengths (250 words or less): The software is easy to use.  When you’re using either software, each line item has a tip you can access by hovering your mouse on the question mark after the item.  Simplify'em lets you track income and expenses for investment properties.  The software suggests expense categories you might not have thought of and you can easily add additional line items.  It is also easy to set up recurring amounts to reduce the amount of data entry you need to do.  Depreciate’em helps you do asset separation on an investment property so you can have a greater ...