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A social approach to Real Estate Connect

Web platform offers real-time multimedia mashup

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Inman News is partnering with to offer a social media mashup featuring a collection of Twitter posts, photos, videos and news related to the upcoming Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco, which runs from Aug. 5-7, 2009. The multimedia networking platform, at, displays map icons showing the location of participants -- clicking on the map icons reveals recent Twitter commentary by participants. Real Estate Connect attendees can sign in to their Twitter accounts and click on the "Attendees" button to add themselves to the list of Real Estate Connect attendees displayed at the Inman's SocialApproach site. To contribute Twitter posts to the site, use the hashtag "#icsf" in your Twitter posts. YouTube videos and photos at the photo-sharing Web site that are tagged with "#ICSF" or include the keywords "Inman News," "Connect SF" or "Real Estate Connect&...