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Apartment sites climb Hitwise list

Top 4 sites remain fixed in rankings

Two apartment-search sites --, a part of Primedia family of apartment and rental unit sites; and, owned by parent company Dominion Enterprises -- joined a top 20 list of most-searched real estate sites in July. Online metrics company Hitwise reported that, which ranked 19th on the June list (see article) based on market share of site visits to real estate category Web sites, and, which ranked 20th in June, were bumped off the July top 20 list. sustained its place at the top of the list, posting an 8.69 percent market share of all real estate-category visits in July, followed by Yahoo Real Estate ( with a 4.03 percent share, with a 3.32 percent share and with a 2.57 percent share. All of these sites have maintained position for at least the past several months. moved up from sixth place in June to fifth in July, switching places with Trulia....