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AgentWorld mashes up profiles, posts, ratings

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While attending the Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco last month, I took a moment to chat with Tyler Kraemer of AgentWorld, a site that is building a list of real estate agents in the U.S. and internationally (international is in beta). A few things stuck out in my mind as being potentially useful for agents looking for an additional tool for their online marketing -- especially those using profile marketing. First, a quick rundown of profile marketing: If you sign up for a service and there's a profile page, there's a good chance this profile page will show up in searches for your name. Search engines put up 10 or so links on their first page of search results. You probably want all of those results to point to something you can control or at the very least participate in. Those of you with common names or who share names with someone famous understand that this can be tricky. So at a basic level, you can use profiles on various sites to help get control o...