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Century 21 Canada sues Zoocasa

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Editor's note: This item is republished with permission from Global Edge Marketing Ltd. The original post can be viewed here. Century 21 Canada is suing property portal Zoocasa for scraping its Canadian real estate listings without permission, reports the National Post. Don Lawby, president of Century 21 Canada, is quoted as saying, "I am opposed to anybody taking, just independently, scraping data or removing data without permission … We have spent millions of dollars and an exorbitant amount of effort to get that data on to our sites." He then adds, "I wouldn't go to RE/MAX's site and scrape data off it and put it on mine." Zoocasa is owned by the largest telecommunications company in Canada. Their marketing chief, Saul Colt, describes his role as "head of magic." There are numerous portals in the world that scrape agent sites without permission. Is it wrong or is there no harm in it?Copyright © 2009 Global Edge Marketing Ltd. *** What...