Review 2: RealtyTrac

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Your name: Anita S. Crum Name of product: 7-day free trial 1. Ease. Is it easy to use for real estate professionals? For real estate consumers? How steep is the learning curve? Overall this product is relatively easy to use. When you first land on the page, it is a little overwhelming because it appears to have so much information. But after you navigate around the page a few times, you can see that the information is grouped together in easily identifiable and useable sections. The average user should develop a comfort level within 30 minutes, a more proficient user within 10-15 minutes. --Strengths (250 words or less): The overall layout and presentation is good and easy to follow. Having the search section prominently featured on the main page is very nice. Having your personal search results available on the main page is even nicer. The capability to save notes on properties you are interested is a definite plus. --Weaknesses (250 words or l...