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Realtors giving up the ‘secret sauce’?

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'My "secret sauce" is stuck between my ears'The National Association of Realtors' objective to create an online property valuation tool is generating some debate at the 1000Watt blog. The "Realtor Valuation Model" (RVM) is intended to standardize property valuations by combining Realtors' street-level assessments with raw property data processed through algorithms."Only a skilled Realtor familiar with the qualitative dimensions of a property and its environs can price a home correctly," says 1000Watt Consulting's Brian Boero in a blog post. "So capturing the practitioner perspective online -- in essence, 'productizing' the Realtor mind -- would have immense value," he adds.He warns, however, that any Realtor who contributes to the RVM could be committing career suicide. "If big banks and consumers can leverage the knowledge of Realtors through something like an RVM, well, who needs Realtors?" Boero asks.Real estate blogger Todd Waller ...