Six figures for NYC's 'smallest apartment'

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NEW YORK — It’s not the first time an apartment has been anointed the smallest in Manhattan in some category, but this one might really be it. Two people and two cats live in this 175-square-foot studio on 110th Street, which the New York Post labels the "smallest legal apartment in the city."

Zaarath and Christopher Prokop, both accountants, bought the pad — roughly the width of a subway car, plus a 3-foot-wide bathroom — three months ago for $150,000, or about $857 per square foot. (Monthly maintenance: just over $700.) They make it work by filling their home with … practically nothing at all: a queen-size bed, a flat-screen TV, a leather storage bench, and a shelf/wine rack. They don’t cook, so they use their kitchen cabinets for clothes instead of food. They jog to work in running gear and pick up their officewear at various dry cleaners along the way.