Fannie Mae expedites REO sales

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Fannie Mae has adopted a new policy in which it may accept offers to purchase homes it has repossessed without notifying loan servicers.Loan servicers may be required to reimburse Fannie Mae for a loss if it turns out the original mortgage on the home did not meet its eligibility or underwriting requirements.Fannie Mae previously allowed servicers 15 days to turn over loan files for review if there was a question over whether a mortgage on a repossessed property met Fannie Mae's requirements. Loan servicers then had the option of trying to find a better offer for the property or buy it themselves rather than reimburse Fannie Mae for any loss.To speed up sales of foreclosed properties, Fannie Mae says after beginning the property disposition process by obtaining opinions on the market value of a repossessed home and listing it with a real estate broker, it may now accept a purchase offer without first notifying the servicer, whether or not a final decision has been reached with respect ...