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ZipRealty offers ‘augmented reality’

Pointing iPhone camera at homes reveals whether they're for sale

ZipRealty has added augmented reality capabilities to its iPhone application, allowing users to determine whether a home is for sale -- or has recently sold -- simply by pointing their phone's camera at it. As users point their phone's camera in different directions, the "HomeScan" feature of ZipRealty's iPhone app displays the address and distance to any properties that are for sale or have recently sold as they come into view. A "radar" embedded in the app suggests which direction to point the phone to see more homes for sale or recently sold properties -- including those that are behind the user. Clicking on a listing shows all details, including prices, interior photos, square footage and value estimates from Cyberhomes and eppraisal. The ZipRealty iPhone app shows homes for sale in more than 4,000 cities and neighborhoods where the brokerage operates, and recently sold homes nationwide. Although the HomeScan augmented reality capabilities are avail...