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Interactive floor plans going mobile

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

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Planomatic recently released PhotoPlan Mobile 1.0 Beta, the first mobile interactive floor plan presentation optimized for the iPhone in the virtual media industry. iPhone users now have the ability to interact with real estate listings' floor plans from any point on Earth with Internet service. Planomatic seems to really have hit the nail on the head. The coolest part of this product is that the consumer can interact with it. Once you click on the floor plan, you can pick from a drop-down menu and choose which room you’d like to "decorate." Once you select the room, you are given a large variety of "furniture" to choose from -- including colors and styles, as well as the ability to adjust wall and carpet colors. I really like that a lot of thought went into the interactive part of this application. For example, you can pick different styles and colors of furniture -- which really help to put you in the house and paint the picture of what it would be...