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For sale and for rent? Real estate agents beware: Scammers can take the listings information from your real estate Web site and peddle them as rental properties to try to bleed unsuspecting prospective tenants of their money and personal information, according to a story by a news agency in Pittsburgh, Pa. Karen Berberick of Northwood Realty Services found out that someone had taken listing information from her site and advertised the property as for rent on Craigslist, along with a request for a deposit and for a credit application, KDKA-TV News reported. "We were frightened for our clients, for the unsuspecting buyers and for the unsuspecting sellers who have their properties for sale with absolutely no knowledge of people pulling information from the Internet and putting it on Craigslist," Berberick said. "I think (it's) more frightening for potential tenants ... because they're passing out information. They don't know who it's going to, or what it's goi...