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3 tips to get the most out of Twitter

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"I have nothing to say." I have heard this over and over again, not just by real estate agents, but by many people who are trepidatious about getting involved in Twitter. To many, Twitter has become more useful as a way to tap into what's "going on today" than to broadcast their own messages. And once you get acclimated to Twitter, you might just find you have something to say after all. Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, said, "Naysayers should simply log onto their Twitter home page and search for a topic they are interested in, whether it's their favorite sports team, the name of their company or a topic in the news." Within a minute, they understand the appeal, he said. Here are three ways to make Twitter work for you: 1. Create a custom feed. Find people to follow by searching Twitter directories. My two favorites are WeFollow or Just Tweet It. Remember, to get followers at first you must follow others! 2. Create lists. Lists are fantastic -- and ...