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Top 10 markets for borrowers

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While lending has been tight in many parts of the country, some markets are definitely more robust than others. Forbes compiled a list of the best cities for borrowers -- ranking by effective mortgage rates (including up-front fees), homes in foreclosure, and mortgages with 90-day delinquencies. Lending is less restricted in areas with fewer borrowers in default, Forbes said.  "Availability of credit is a big driver of home demand," Steve Berg, managing director in applied analytics for Lender Processing Services, told Forbes. LPS supplied some of the data for the rankings. "You can want a house really badly, but if you can't get the money to borrow, that's going to be a problem for most people." The healthiest marekts tended to have rising home prices as well, the magazine said.Here are Forbes' top 10 metro areas: 1. Kansas City Average effective home mortgage rate: 4.94 percent Mortgages 90-plus days delinquent in January 2010: 4 percent Foreclosures in Ja...